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Links of interest to Sandbaggers fans

There are several pages highlighting the work of Sandbaggers actors. Roy Marsden has a tribute page a the Theatre, Musicals and Actors Web. Fans of the PD James books may find her comments about how differently her detective Mr Dalgliesh is envisioned by her, actor Roy Marsden and readers.

Michael Cashman played Sandbagger Two Mike Wallace. He has since become a politician. His web site is for his constituents, but fans of his work may find it interesting to see what he's been up to.

Steven Grives played the original Sandbagger Three, Alan Denson, in Series 1. He continues to perform on stage and on the small screen. Mr Grives is currently in a recurring role as King Zad in the Beastmaster.

By all means check out the Wilde Alliance Club. The Wilde Alliance was a TV series written by Ian Mackintosh before The Sandbaggers.

There is also, of course, the Internet Movie Database. This handy resource contains cast and crew information about many television shows and films.

Writer Gidley Wheeler wrote My Name Is Anna Wiseman and Who Needs Enemies. You can learn more about the work of this writer by visiting his website. He wrote to the OpsRoom in February 2006 'I've had a couple of books out since we were last in contact: Jannaway's Mutiny, which is the prequel to The Raging of the Sea, and Basic Flying Instruction, A Comprehensive Introduction to Western Philosophy, both of which have received five star reviews on Amazon.'

Other Sandbaggers pages
If you are interested in that other spy, please check out the Bondian connections of
Sandbaggers. Someone was also kind enough write a bit of fan fiction.

Andy Gural can be reached at his web site: www.AndyGural.Com.

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