Details, details
Sharp eyes take note

How's this for realism? In It Couldn't Happen Here, Neil dictates a letter to Diane. Later, for an instant, Peele is seen holding a sheet of paper with typing on it. A freeze-frame, and a bit of Photoshop work later, we can read the text.


Rt Hon George Stratford-Baker
References A. My (number) of 6 October, 1979
B. Bonn's (number) October 1979

1. I Intercepted Stratford-Baker in St James’ Park this morning, and engaged him in a conversation as of the enclosed tape.

2. From it, you will understand that he has an unshakable faith in the Prime Minister’s protection, and will not be frightened off by anything which we can threaten, secure as he is in the knowledge that our ‘evidence’ is largely insufficient or inadmissible.

3. For all that, I do believe now that Stratford-Baker is an active agent of the KGB, and that his continued presence in the Cabinet constitutes a considerable danger. Moreover, there is a strong possibility that - if is current standing within the party remains intact, and if he continues to progress in the future as he as done in the recent past - he could be one day the Prime Minister of this country.

4. I believe that you will find this as unacceptable as I do, and that you will wish to examine, as a matter of some urgency, those options remaining to us as a means of dealing with the situation.

5. May we discuss, please, as soon as convenient?

N.D. Burnside
Director Operations

Continued Freeze Frame (320k.)