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TV for the Times
Paul Moore of Glasgow contributes a vintage piece of video to the OpsRoom vault

The Sandbaggers was given the honour of being featured on the cover of the UK ITV listings magazine TV Times to publicise the start of Series 2.

Ads promoting the January 26 edition appeared on television, which Mr Moore happens to still have on tape.

'I've got quite a lot of TV Times but not that issue unfortunately - however what I do have (and the reason I know about the cover) is a tv advertisement broadcast at the time, which turned up on a tape of something completely unrelated that I obtained a while back.

New kid on the block
'I'm pretty new to Sandbaggers, actually - I only discovered it a few years ago thanks to the DVDs! I'd heard the name a few times, and I'm very interested in UK TV drama in general so I checked it out. and found it was one of the best series I've ever seen.

'I think what makes it stick out most for me is that despite its obvious low budget (Yorkshire TV was one of the bigger ITV regions at the time, but certainly didn't have the money Granada or the London stations had) it probably gets closer to the reality of the situations it covers, which I imagine are very much more people in rooms talking than James Bond style action!

'The end of A Feasible Solution is one of the few moments in television where you're sitting there long after it's finished thinking "You can't do that!" - and yet they did. Brilliant stuff.

The missing tapes
'It was actually on a tape of something completely unrelated that someone had done a copy of for me. It happened to be recorded off-air and so was complete with original trailers, continuity and adverts.'

The video clip is 5.4 megs, so be patient when downloading.