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Ian Mackintosh's Postings
Did you serve with Ian Mackintosh in the Royal Navy? Find out--and contact us if you did. Here, courtesy of Ian's brother Lawrie, is where and when Ian was posted.

Terrorism to television
Entebbe? Mogadishu? Baader-Meinhoff? What do these names mean? The alphabet soup of political groups and their hijackings, is reviewed: Part 1 and Part 2.

Bob Sherman: 1940-2004
Bob Sherman died August 30, 2004, age 63. The OpRoom presents a 1991 interview from a then Fanzine called the Sandbaggers Information Service that nearly never was, as the interview tapes kept vanishing in the trans-Atlantic post. Also presented is the actor's obituary.

She walks in beauty
Sandbaggers actress Jana Sheldon got some ink in an edition of the TV Times in 1980. The short article, here in all its glory is now part of the OpsRoom archives for your reading pleasure.

The Frankenheimer Files

Director John Frankenheimer is your man for those times when you need a Sandbaggers-esque fix, and are about to make a trip to the video club. The master film-maker of The Manchurian Candidate, The Path to War and Seven Days in May produced stories of sticky complexity, tension with a hyper realistic style.

The Story of Chess
Endless thriller covers have put chesspieces on their covers during the Cold War. The game of chess also inspired a musical about tensions between the east and west. It got its start in 1979, right in th emiddle of the Sandbaggers period. Read about the musical--with an intelligence twist--that put the chess world front and centre.

Sound & vision
An ITV television guide commercial from 1980 promoting series 2 of the Sandbaggers television show has been sent in from a Sandbaggers fan for your enjoyment.

Cold War Coolness
The New York Times recently published a review of 'The Sandbaggers' to coincide with the release of the final set of DVDs. 'The best spy series in television history' they say. And who are we to disagree? We have a PDF here.

Fans and Photos in London
More photos of Collingstone House have come the OpsRoom's way, thanks to our dedicated team of crack Sandbaggers Fans. See with your own eyes.

Found: Burnside’s Office
See the building used for the office exteriors as it looks today. New windows and stairs have been installed since 1978, but it is definitely the Burnside’s building. See for yourself.

Updated Photos
actors roy marsden, ray lonnen and bob sherman Actors Roy Marsden, Ray Lonnen and Bob Sherman are still working and signing autographs for fans of their work. Click on the thumbnails to see their publicity photos.

The Disappearance
A dedicated Sandbaggers fan has located period newspaper clippings about Ian Mackintosh’s disappearance of his aircraft. Interesting to see who was in the area later.

Kola and the Cold War
Why was the Kola Peninsula so dangerous? It might have been where World War III started, that’s why. It was where the cold war was hot.

Norway and NATO
Despite the headaches Norway gives Neil Burnside, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization wouldn’t exist without that northern country. Here is some background for Sandbaggers fans, about how Norway helped create NATO's first principles.

Amazing Audio
Ray Lonnen and Bob Sherman do more than act on camera. They are both talented voice actors. You can listen to their demo reels in mp3 format.

Guess who does the Grouch Marx impression?

Yep. Lonnen

Man of Mystery
Even TV Week covered 'the disappearance' in a 1982 article about the end of the Sandbaggers.