Don't Call Us
The Sandbaggers really did have someone's number explains Sherri Fillingham.

The Sandbaggers sure seems authentic. Was it ever a little too authentic?

Actor Ray Lonnen told attendees of the Sandbagger One convention that Season 2 of the series has only six episodes — not seven like the other two seasons — because one script was disallowed under the UK’s Official Secrets Act.

It’ll be difficult to find out why; but in the meantime, fan Jeanne DeVore has come across an account of how the series really did manage to annoy the Foreign and Commonwealth Office once.

A Box of Delights is 'a fun book all about British television,' Jeanne reports.

The book explains a change in the Sandbaggers title sequence between the first and second seasons.

In a brief shot early on in the title sequence, the camera pans up to focus in on a telephone on a desk.

A telephone number is printed on that phone. 'In the first season, the telephone had the number 233-3000,' Jeanne says. 'It turns out, according to the book, that this number was the actual number for the Foreign Office, and they got a tad miffed about having their phone number broadcast each week.' The shot was replaced for the second season. The camera still pans up and focuses in on a telephone — but the telephone number is different.