Episode: Who Needs Enemies
1980s computers 'making a comeback'?
Recalling 70s computers


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The Archaeology of the Internet

You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Computers figure rarely in the Sandbaggers world, with good reason. Back then,
like to-day, they were slow.

Computers were still mainframe devices used for order processing and other massive 'batch' jobs.

This is part of the appeal of the Sandbaggers. It takes time for information to move from one place to another. Another story that uses this well is the novel, and film, 'The Day of The Jackal'.

Granted, the 'inertia' of information speed is not the only thing which makes The Sandbaggers enjoyable. As anyone in an office today knows, all e-mail might do is allow us to miscommunicate at high speed.

For your amusement, here are some ads from the early days of desktop computing, by which time, the Sandbaggers was already in re-runs.