The London Underground

Sandbaggers set located
York Sandbaggers fan Adrian Banfield has photographed the Sandbaggers building

Collingstone House, in London provided the exteriors for the MI6 building in The Sandbaggers. It hasn't changed that much. New windows and a re-modeled front entrance are the only real major changes to the building.

Sandbaggers aficionados wishing to visit Collingstone house will find it near Saville Row.

‘It's really pretty easy,’ explains Adrian. ‘Saville Row is a very famous street in England and probably around the world. Famous for tailors and gentleman shops providing expensive suits. Saville Row in turn is a short walk from Piccadilly Circus, another famous landmark.

‘Walk down--that is away from--Piccadilly street (past Fortnams and Masons shop, The Royal Academy of Arts), then to the top of Sackville Street.

‘Turn left and walk down Vigo Street a short distance until you reach the bottom of Saville Row. Walk up Saville Row until you reach the police station. The road directly after the station on the left is Boyle Street.

‘Congratulations, you've reached Collingstone House.’

Piccadilly Circus is the nearest Underground station.

Remembering The Sandbaggers
‘I remember the show when it was originally broadcast back in the late 70's, early 80's. I remembered most of the main characters and what they all looked like, some of the plots and especially the highpoint scenes, Laura Dickens in Special Relationship, for example. I couldn't believe Burnside could do that do one of his own agents. He usually makes a point of backing them to the hilt.

‘But then again I also seem to have forgotten a lot. The other sandbaggers for instance. Certainly didn't remember Tom Elliott. Why did the show stick in my mind? Several reasons, I watched all of the action shows on at that time. The Sandbaggers, though, was different. It was set in 'the real world'. How you would imagine spying was really carried out. Not with a James Bond character, but with ordinary blokes half scared to death. And of course the fighting in the corridors of power.’

Credit and Kudos
Thanks to Jeff, Roy and Adrian for the legwork, information and photograph.