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New Sandbaggers Snaps
Amy and Dave scour London for new Sandbaggers locations

Longtime Sandbaggers fans Amy Howard Wilson and Dave Wilson recently visited London with a Minox and passed the results along so that OpsRoom visitors could enjoy the results.

Above is the Trafalgar Square lion that figured in It Couldn't Happen Here. They also took several photos of Burnside’s Bridge and two photos of Collingstone House.

As you can see, the narrow alley is largely unchanged, though the front entrance and windows have been replaced.

One wonders how the Sandbaggers production crew managed to ge the audio recorded without the blare and bustle of the traffice echoing down the concrete alleyways.

Fan photos
There are other Sanbaggers location photos on the the OpsRoom.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images. Thanks again to Dave and Amy for making the effort. In particular, thanks for the new photos of Collingstone house

Remember to look elsewhere on Opsroom.Org for other Sandbaggers photos, including Collingstone House, and Dave and Amy's first visit to Burnside's Bridge.

Both pages include walking instructions to help you find these Sandbaggers locations on your next trip to London.